Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, this non-surgical rejuvenation treatment will stimulate Collagen, minimise pores, breakdown pigment and melanin and smooth scarring.

Very fine micro-needles penetrate the surface layers of the skin producing a wound healing effect in the skin which inturn repairs scar tissue, softens fine lines and wrinkles and evens skin discolouration.

Tiny pathways, or micro-channels are made for better penetration of serums to target specific concerns and as the skin heals the integrity of skin improves.

With little down-time, this treatment is the best done over 4-6 treatments monthly, with yearly maintenance.


This non-invasive, light based treatment rejuvenates the skin by increasing Collagen, Elastin and hydration in the deeper layers of the skin. It also has a detoxifying effect on the skin, so helps with inflammation and redness in the skin and promotes healing. Studies have proven that wound healing after surgery is improved with less down-time and minimal scarring and skin disorders such as rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis improves dramatically.

As collagen fibres are stimulated in the deeper layers of the dermis – no need for Injectables!

For best results 2-3 treatments a week is recommended for 3 weeks with monthly maintenance.

Alternatively, can add on to any resurfacing peel or microdermabrasion treatment.


IPL Photorejuvention uses light and heat to rejuvenate the skin. Specific wavelengths of light pass through the layers of the epidermis to target pigmentation, capillaries and collagen. The targeted tissue is heated to cause a wound healing response in the skin and the new skin cells produced are rejuvenated and healthy. Great for scar tissue, fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage. Pore size is reduced, along with redness, breakouts and sun spots.

4-6 treatments are recommended once a month with yearly maintenance.


Microdermabrasion gives a manual exfoliation to the surface layers of the skin. Very fine crystals give an abrasion like action to the skin to buff away dead skin cells. With these skin cells gone, the new skin cells can function more effectively and leave your skin’s texture feeling and looking more even and smoother. Great for scar tissue, open pores, black heads, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

6 treatments is usually recommended once a week with monthly maintenance.


Resurfacing Peels give a chemical exfoliation to the surface layers of the skin. Using AHA ‘s to dissolve dead skin cells, a wide range of skin concerns can be treated. This includes, breakouts, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, open pores, dehydration and dull skin.

With no down time it is a safe treatment for all skin types.

A course of 4-6 treatments is recommended once a fortnight with monthly (or 8 weekly) maintenance. Resurfacing Peels can also be used in conjunction with IPL Photorejuvenation and/or LED Treatments.


Chemical Peels give a deeper exfoliation to the skin. Using AHA’s and BHA’s to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells penetrating the deeper layers of the epidermis and dermis. Results are great for Acne scarring that is deeper than just the epidermis and as an anti-aging treatment targeting the deeper lines and wrinkles and age spots.

With little downtime, the skin will slightly peel and the damaged skin will flake away leaving new and healthy skin cells that rejuvenate the skins appearance. The TCA and Modified Jessners Peel has proven results in increasing collagen and elastin production resulting in softer lines and wrinkles and firmer tone to the skin. Also targeting melanocytes to inhibit melanin production, reducing pigmentation and age spots.

4-6 treatments are recommended fortnightly with yearly maintenance.


Cosmelan Peel is a de-pigmentation treatment delivering remarkable results. It can treat sun damage pigment, hormonal pigment (melasma) and Hyper-pigmentation from post inflammatory pigment. The active ingredients will inhibit tyrosinase in the skin which is an enzyme responsible for melanin production.

It is a 2 step skin lightening treatment with application of the mask in clinic followed by removal at home a 8-12hrs later.  2 follow up treatments and 6 months of product protocol for use at home isall included in price.

There is about 7-10 days downtime with this treatment including sunburn-like redness for the first 48hrs post treatment followed by about 1 week of peeling. Leaving clearer, brighter and more even skin!

1 treatment is recommended once a year for maintenance.   

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